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Yoga By KMOM

Mixed-level Yoga

for all ages

Rejuvenate the

Restore inner

your actions off-the-mat
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Serving the greater Los Angelas area

Mixed-level Yoga

for all ages

  • rejuvenate the mind and body
  • restore inner peace
  • change your actions off-the-mat

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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa links yoga poses together for a flowing practice that is synchronized with the breath. Most classes include traditional Sun Salutations as well as a series of both standing and seated postures. The pace of the class varies depending on the level of the students. However, regardless of the pace, Vinyasa yoga is shown to offer tremendous health benefits, including increased strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental wellbeing.

Our Yoga Classes

  • Yoga By KMOM offers Vinyasa style yoga classes in both public and private settings. All classes are 60 minutes, unless stated otherwise.

Whatever your goals, we have a class for that

From beginners to more advanced students, whether you are young in age or young at heart, we've got you covered.