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First Blog Post

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First Blog Post

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The Power of 

  • rejuvenate the mind and body
  • restore inner peace
  • change your actions off-the-mat
Katie Martino

Katie Martino

Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Katie Martino, MPH, CPH, is a certified yoga instructor and women’s health professional. She completed her 200-hr RYT training at YogaWorks, Inc. in Santa Monica, California, in August 2018, and currently teaches mixed-level Vinyasa style yoga classes to adults and children throughout the Los Angeles area. She focuses on instructing proper alignment and supports her students in fostering a deep mind-body connection by tapping into the breath. With a Master’s degree in public health and additional training in maternal and child health, Katie brings unique expertise to her classes. She understands the clinical aspects underlying pregnancy, aging, and chronic disease, and offers appropriate modifications to support students with these conditions. Katie firmly believes that a regular yoga practice has the power to rejuvenate the mind and body and to restore inner peace, despite the constant changes of our daily lives. Yoga also has tremendous potential to change our actions off the mat. That power is what motivates Katie to share the gift of yoga with her community, one student at a time.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa links yoga poses together for a flowing practice that is synchronized with the breath. Most classes include traditional Sun Salutations as well as a series of both standing and seated postures. The pace of the class varies depending on the level of the students. However, regardless of the pace, Vinyasa yoga is shown to offer tremendous health benefits, including increased strength, flexibility, endurance, and mental wellbeing.

Our Classes

  • Yoga By KMOM offers Vinyasa style yoga classes in both public and private settings.
$ 10 / person

Mixed Level, Group Yoga Classes

55 Minutes
  • poses suitable for everyone, from first-timers to advanced practitioners
$ 10 / person

Beginner Yoga Classes

55 Minutes
  • Beginner Classes
$ 10 / kid

Kids Yoga Classes

30 Minutes
  • Kids (Ages 5-12) Classes
$ 75 / person

Private Yoga Classes

55 Minutes
  • Private Yoga Instruction
$ 100 / person

Group/Party Yoga

55 Minutes
  • Group Yoga Instruction
$ 100 / person

Corporate Yoga Classes

55 Minutes
  • Corporate Yoga Classes

Julie Mangeaux

Katie’s yoga class is so amazing ! Her class not only helps me to better manage stress but also helps to alleviate my back pain. She has a very gentle and welcoming teaching style that is great for beginners. I absolutely love taking her class! It’s soothing to the soul.


The class is really relaxing. With all the stress of the city life, I really enjoy being able to be in nature and learn new skills every time I go.


Absolutely AMAZING Yoga Instructor!  Katie is a fabulous teacher who really gives a huge amount of personal attention. She knows your weaknesses and will help you to overcome those. She also makes sure that you do all the postures correctly snd will adjust you if needed. I cannot say enough great things about Katie's classes and her teaching methodologies. It is simpy fantastic!

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